Thursday, December 27, 2007

Goofing off: Low rez photos taken of bedroom/workspace with new camera

Sleeping loft/bedroom, my side. Hanging over the nightstand is art by the Gerrard Noll Foundation, France, the photos are by Jeff.

Sleeping loft/bedroom, Jeff's side.

My painting /office area, from the sleeping loft/bedroom.

Birthday/christmas combo gift

New Cannon SD1000 Digital Elf (D'elf as I call it), old Olympus Camedia.

I have to forgo high-quality photos for the ease of cary and stealth capabilities of a small camera to photograph as planned. Right now, for me, small, unobtrucive and informal is the best camera type.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm enjoying the PBS show Art:21 Art in the 21st Century. This is a soothing series that makes it even easier to be inspired by artists talking about their work.

The movie "Born into Brothels", though made in 2004 seems to have come to my television when I needed it. The power of the children's photography carries them much further than the schools that flatly deny their entrance. At least that is what I found myself telling the nun who said no one would take them. OK, I told the television screen. Then I thought to myself, oh yeah, I really must have forgotten this power.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Business language lessons, free browser/site based conversational flash card thing. Many languages.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Draft world is nice.

What am I doing with half a dozen entries about making art left as drafts and the blog equivalent of a Live Journal quiz result every other entry? Which FLCL character am I most like? I named this blog with a line from anime hoping it would be obscure to most, a curiosity to some, and an afterthought to all here for the content. It had to be named something. Perfect, and suitably witty was taking too long. To clarify, too long meant more than half a day. I wanted to get started.

I don't really know what broke, or why. I was crushed by the machination of daily life, and began to feel just how much I, as an artist, was gumming up the works. No shift like that occurred as intently I lived as other, as artist, as the engulfing pursuit itself to transform everything into elsewhere, and sifting elsewhere for anything (sometimes any damn thing).

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Photo by Jeff Mickey

"ARTISTS the shocktroopers of gentrification"

Look! Its Tim over at Rivet Head Printing. He has made us t-shirts!

This is a long-time saying of Jmk's he overheard and thought it would make a lovely shirt to advertise his printing company. The shirts are short sleeve t-shirts, (he is actually wearing mine I sliced into a crude tank-dress minutes before leaving for the party, as it was 89 degrees in the October hot sun)
and can be purchased by contacting Tim via the link in my blogroll.

(Artists often move into "run down" areas for the cheap rent, and become the tipping point for upscale types who make everything look like the suburbs and cause the rents to soar, pricing the artists out to move on to the next neighborhood [see: Wicker Park].)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Cute drawing sites. Did i give these already?

Draw across the net with other people, play the drawings like animation and also save them for other people on Open Studio. I think this site has been here for at least 10 years, theres tons of interactive stuff on there. Click everything on open studio, some stuff is sort of hidden.

Give your drawings weight and moving aroundness with MOOVL. I like to make a face or animal with separate components on a background and erase the background so the facial features or animal parts sliiiiide down to the bottom of the screen.

I just looked on the net for more. GE seems to have one theres also Draw Ball, which I could not get to work. On the GE one, you can draw across the net with a friend you invite by IM, or give the URL to continue the drawing, but there is a limited amount of ink provided.

Friday, September 28, 2007


If you want to be able to draw accurately, just get a copy of the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards, do all the straight forward exercises in the book, pay attention, and just like that, you are able to draw. The right and left side theory is not as important as the exercises themselves. I wasn't aware of the home page till I did a search to make the link, the book can be found for seven bucks on the net and is likely to be found in a used book store.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Playing with Animoto

How cheezeball corperate video, I love it!
All photos by me, I think I have watched it 70 times already.

From our bi-monthly "Lamprey" thing.

If you have just said "Dude, is that Lain?" or "Dude, is that James Clerk Maxwell", the answer is yes.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jenny Holzer Twitters! How absolutely perfect.

Democrats try to secure the ADD vote.

Yahoo mash-up debates.
I like this format, very organized for quick reference. Good for watching a little at a time, possibly paying closer attetion. The problem is, can people really choose the best candidate if its easier to ignore the ones they are not so hot on? Maybe its a good way chop up long debates/programs after they have aired.

(edit: Earlier, some unfinished version was posted by accident)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Found on the net: Kanchi photo.

Foolie Coolie and Berry, originally uploaded by divi2007.

Internet Subculture

Imagine an entire hotel filled with people who enjoy an extreme and highly organized form of making fun of people on the net. Ok, maybe just one floor of a hotel, but it is happening, in Chicago, at the end of the month. Please collect the cap letters in order from this nonsensical sentence for the link:

when i was Little i Used to Love to go to the Zoo. CONstantly i would rush to DO my homework fast To then COax My mom into taking me.

If this is your thing, good luck. I would assume it was a sting operation, or that some unhinged youtube video "director" would infiltrate, packing heat, and do a big mow-down during the cosplay contest.

They used an image of Kanchi!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


After a minute I am dancing along.
Found on Twitter timeline.

[Edit 9/25 I guess they change the music every few days. Went back and my peppy music and dance was gone, replaced with women who look sleepy]

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jmk (what was his name for here again?) brings his laptop over to the desk and we work together on a project.

Cat. We got her high on cat nip in preparation for Kitten Day. Monday, we're gettin' a kitten! providing the Fe Luke test goes ok. Art historians please note: Jmk likes to drink water out of a mason jar. Folksy ways, duly noted.

Working on collages that seem to please me for some reason. Drawings over flattened security envelope patterns in computation book. Photos soon, much layout-style stuff. Terribly sleepy, but feel like doing one more...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Monday is kitten day. We're gettin' a kitten.

As the twitter states, yesterday night a long limo stopped in front of my studio and a bunch of drunk women in extremely short skirts and high heels staggered out after someone had projectile vomited. They asked for paper towels. One woman caught some down in the back of her low rider jeans. Her friend helped her wipe it out of her ass, then tried to hand me the towel to throw away. She did sort of turn it inside out for me. I didn't take it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Here is an example of street art that works. Ok, not the best written account, and I would skip the comments, except the ones from the guy who wrote the article.

Monday, September 3, 2007


I saw an art instillation in a gallery of a woman dressed in business clothes seated at a typewriter, typing. This was years ago, but I still think about it from time to time. She typed for the length of the gallery opening, maybe even started in the morning for a full eight hours typing a stream of consciousness. Gallery goers could check her work, and they did, even returning to the gallery when the page was done to see if they had been mentioned, and what she had typed (she liked my shoes, this was back when I was wearing Swear shoes). It was a nice way to show how hard being an artist is in office job terms, we make it up, all of it.

When I say we make it up, I mean everything, not just the art itself. Being an artist is often like declaring you have become a freelance whatever, that time before your first client. Sure, there are hierarchies, bench marks, determiners, validating agents, etc: galleries, patrons, awards, critics, curators, buyers, the list goes on. That all disappears (or of course, may pile on and hamper the precess) in search for the next thing. Milton Resnick once said, and I am paraphrasing here, that the artist goes down low in the depths of despair when the next idea does not come. It is a terrible place. The artist can make up little tricks and plans that keep working, to avoid such pitfalls, wanting never to visit such a state again. The minute these avoidance techniques are deployed, all chance of growing as an artist is lost. (he didn't mention how to weather nasty comments about the artist really only knowing about makeup or fashion, but I wing it).

Spaced on the last paragraph...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

MSNBC says its ok to poop.

After republican sen. Larry Craig is busted in a men's room gay sex sting, MSNBC assures millions of clenched-up hetro men they are not signaling foer gay sex and that it is OK to poop. MSNBC brought on an expert who gave a definitive run down of what is and is not a signal to initiate gay sex in a men's room. This means sales for Taco Bell's new Grande Quesadilla should remain intact, plus there is new meaning for their slogan "think outside the bun". (also "the fourth meal").

Friday, August 31, 2007

Technorati Profile

All kinds of alarm bells go off in my head when a web site requires a password from another web site. I aways am convinced I have surfed onto a fake site, or wonder about the security of their verification process. I learned computers from people who told stories of punishment for leaving unsecured open terminals: your buddies write a threatening letter to the white house with your account. I also don't like that these sites are getting the general public used giving out passwords. Technorati offers an alternative verify blog ownership, the embedded link above.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Exhausted. Running on a few hours sleep a night is taking its toll.
No photos of anything I have done in the past few weeks. Here is a photo of dried lemon on notebook paper I took a while ago. Hopefully back to writing soon, so exhausted I can barely concentrate.

Two new pairs of nice headphones are solving the studio noise problem. This has made for some pretty intense Japanese language studying.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The idea is gone. Having a hard time navigating thoughts through the television drone and Jf's (changed his nickname from jmk to Jf) conversation schedule, which is start whenever and become intense about any subject quickly and for a long time. I am used to long hours alone in the studio. I wish I could get the television down to a drone level in my mind. Television news, Jf's latest choice for background drone, a curious choice knowing Jf, the sound of it snaps my mind to a sort of everyman grid. The sound of it blocks me from getting deep in there where I need to be while painting. I am stuck to a grid of thoughts suitable for pleasant conversation in line at the DMV. I may as well copy the side of a tissue box and try to sell it to large hospitals for their waiting rooms.

That was just a paragraph of the thoughts I have when the tv goes on. The same thoughts so many times i have them in picture form, and no, they would not make a good painting.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Virgin Mobile in Australia is using flickr images in their ads, supposedly ones liscenced for public use in advertising. Here is the flickr group debating the ads, and here is the ad site. Some of them have not so kind captions like this one.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I like the interior of this bar/restaurant. It is darker than pictured, so the visually prodominant elements are the darkness, the backs of the tall benches, and the neon sign. I did not at all convey the charm of this interior with my photos. I needed a wider angle lense, or maybe to pay better attention to photogrtaphing. I was pretty lack luster, as you can see they are out of focus.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Location: failed painting.

For a painter, at least this painter, looking at a painting that does not work, for whatever reason, is like staring at some creeping abyss of failure. As a teacher at the design school where Jmk once worked said, "there is only one student film, and you only get to see parts of it here and there". Failed painting is a place, one I don't like to visit in my own studio, let alone some gallery or cafe or dentist's walls.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Artists are easy targets, fine, but I get tired of hearing about it. Art is that strange territory between reality and any number of things: that that transcends into the subconscious, the perfect analogy both emotional and cerebral, a clearer explanation, a way in general society uses to work things out, the list goes on. A side effect of getting to this place is a number of behaviors that are not the easiest for society to handle. While living cerebraly in the perspective it takes to make art, we artists do things that may appear to be odd to the rest of society. That said, if you are going to make most of your friends and acquaintances artists, you may consider the constant complaining about overall horrid traits of artists quickly becomes tiresome. The actor who uses the method of living as his character, which then becomes your all time favorite, follows a pattern that is easily observed. Hey pal, we're soaking in it.

No one wants to hear "Stop calling it a fake project, when is the last time anyone paid you thousands of dollars for your 'real' art?". Hearing about how we are such criminals and frauds gets old after a while. I appreciate your opinion that we/I may be of more use to society flipping burgers, but for me to get any work done here, kindly just tell me once and step away.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Oh, so hung over. Big party involving bbq, watching the neighborhood fireworks on a friend's roof as a steady stream of people stopped in from various parties. Low key relaxation, dancing on the roof and talked art with a few people. Talked with the latest excommunicatee from Pod land whom I had not seen in a while and a non artist who likes artists. I need to talk to more non-artists who love artists, of course also those who put money behind this, partons of the arts. I never really needed this kind of encouragement before, for whatever reason I now find that it is nice.

Someone broke the side window out of our Volvo waggon. I am of course convinced I saw the bozos who did it from the roof. A row of clowns walking along in a straight line with pillow cases and bags filled with what could have been fireworks, but one of them purposefully veered off through an alley, without saying anything to the others. Usually if someone from a group leaves, people say see ya, goodbye. He wasn't going to pee because they did not wait for him. So there. I assumed they were not going to break into our car, as there are more swanky cars parked in front of the bar. That is a hunch, but I am sure they mistook his swag Siemens briefcase for a laptop bag . Jmk agrees.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I sent a URL for this video with my email invite to karaoke. Its Nina Hagen presenting the song "New York New York"

Wasting time on the net, then not.

Looking at Japanese Color Lesson on you tube, and playing "Match up" and "Slither Link Puzzle", addons to my iGoogle page. "Match up" is just matching up two rows of five dollar words definition wise. I am doing well with this little game, but now am starting to suspect five is some magic number that makes guesses the most educated by process of elimination. "Slither Link Puzzle" is sort of a minimal sedoku (is that even spelled right?) mind sweeper mix.

In the mornings, I have much needed practice conversations with Japanese people on skype who, of course, are about to go to bed. I usually chicken out for speaking Japanese, and one of them often plays keyboard and sings John Denver songs.

In unrelated matters, here is a photo of some Ramen I made and ate.
Pea sprouts, imitation crab, bbq pork, and white onion with beef broth. Pea sprouts are most excellent in soup. All stuff purchased a minute away by car from my house.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Whiskey Tango double Fox-freaking trot

Bush commutes Scooter Libby's prison sentence. I had a knot in my stomach for a minute there. I'm sure much of America felt the same way. The knot is made worse by the queasiness from the constant moving footage loop on MSNBC of Libby getting out of a car and walking into a building. Humans were not built to watch so much camera panning. Putting the loop, then, on half the damn screen and providing me with an expert on the other I have to pay attention to is even worse. Jmk was yelling at them directly through the television screen, featuring a nasty guttural tone, and brief lord of the flies phase. I don't blame him.

Marshall Fields photo by Flickr user palmea

, originally uploaded by palmea.


I'm loving Flight of the Conchords on HBO. An acoustic guitar duo from New Zealand and their manager have adventures in New York best told through goofy and extremely well crafted songs. This show works because the guys are charming with an understated demeanor, great comedic timing, and the right amount of cheesy goodness it takes to deliver songs intermittently in a modern television show. They fully embrace the awkwardness of presenting sincere songs while reminding us that sincere songs about life can be quite good.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot???!!!

Christians gave me pie this weekend. Jmk was out fixing the turning-stuff near-the-engine belt on the waldo (Volvo waggon) and found a family of West Virginians stranded on our side street complete with acoustic guitar playing young man, family camper trailer with attached boat, three generations of men named bill, other children and a mother and grandmother armed with little digital cameras. They spent the night right here in the art ghetto waiting for an axle thingie. The grandfather told stories about flying around on leave hooking up with stewardesses coming through Chicago last in the 50s. He and two stewardesses were flying around having a good time and his money ran out, and one of them said, don't worry, continue your vacation, I'll pay. He was too much a gentleman to oblige, too christian I also remember him saying. Months later he found himself back studying in a room of men in whatever field he had chosen, all 20 years his senior, really driving home how young he was at the the time and hes thinking, well, basically, what was I thinking??? I enjoyed this story, and that they referred to the obligatory front stoop sitting as "visiting", oh, and the pie, glorious pie (pumpkin).

Friday, June 29, 2007

SIde Project

I am calling it "table top photography", but everyone knows its a disgusting little habit, possibly a step away from dressing ones dogs in costumes and forcing acquaintances to join in cooing compliments with a straight face. How can I ever expect to be taken seriously? I have excuses, something about mindless activity freeing the mind, something about the need to catalogue these odd items for a time when I will not be able to hold on to them. An artist is more easily accepted for heroin use or heavy drinking, I am absolutely certain of this fact. Here are examples of the beginning stages, test photos, while I am building little sets and buying Re-ment and whatever else, these are pretty much practice.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

An account of someone who talked to Spaulding Grey after his accident.
Theres a blogging convention for women here in Chicago this year at Navy Peer. It costs 200 bucks so I won't be going. They did have the good taste to reserve a block of rooms at the W and a hostel. Looks like tons of forums if anyone is interested.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Found on

A guy accused of video taping the police while he was stopped for a traffic violation is being brought up on felony wire tapping charges. Assuming the guy did not mouth off, it was in plain site and he turned it off when asked, like the article reports, the oh shit, that could be me alarm bells are going off in my head. I assume more and more people are also hearing theses alarms, but certainly the if you aren't doing anytihng wrong, you don't have anything to worry about camps is still holding steady.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anime Openings

They are just openings, try them, they can't hurt you, I promise. They are cute, and the music is better than you think.

Boogiepop Phantom
FLCL (ending)
Chromartie High
Gunslinger Girl
Cowboy Bebop
Paranoia Agent
Serial Experiments Lain
Watch the video on
I have been watching the "Pretty intense japanese lesson" videos on youtube.

The Sci Fi channel is showing anime on Mondays, kicking it off yesterday with a Ghost in the shell movie. The series, called ani-monday, does not show up on the search option on their site, and isn't listed on tivo by series name like G4's monkey spanking anime thing was, but it exists, believe me. I realize it started Yesterday, but, if you are getting your information here, you are in big trouble, sorry.

Steam Punk at its finest!
Photo by me
Steam punk at its finest!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Inside out stuffed bears.
I have dicovered that Street Magazine is the best fashion/style magazine for me, just photos of people stopped on the street wearing interesting clothing.
Of course the online photos are just small enough to make you want the magazine, but also feel like you have seen it. Its not like I have completely given up on FRUiTs, but I with he would just offer on the site larger photos that can't be coppied for five bucks a month subscription. I like this jewelry, I suppose its sort of Anthropologie shop. Tattoos like this are not my thing, but this necklace is a cute idea. My favorite local jewler is [WIRED].
The work of hers I have seen in person is far better than that on the site. She has in the past shown some very sleek, modern and powerful pieces.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Part of something I posted.

I saw a great film involving photography: Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project ( ). It is one of the better movies in the subset of documentaries involving film makers/artists exploring their own family, childhood, past etc.(also quite interesting: My Architect, Bruce and Me, Tarnation, though many may find The Mother Project much easier to watch than these examples). The film follows Gearon through a visit to photograph her mentally ill mother, who seems to slip in and out of lucidity, and photographing her children, along with the ordeal in the mid 90s when her photographs were yanked from a gallery show with accusations of child exploitation, and worse, by British police. Ok, it may sound like a downer to some, but I found parts of the movie to be quite endearing, including funny moments, and an interesting look at how one artist deals with family/past/etc. It contains great footage of her setting up shots, and the resulting photographs. I found great pleasure in watching her coax common snapshot fodder into photos that transcend into both universality and the glaringly personal.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today on ebay I bought eight doll feet and a miniature keyboard (1:6 scale, said to be the low class minature scale, think Bratz and barbie). Yesterday I bought a ton of Re-ment miniatures, all for my current side project.

I keep writing reflective posts about my life. They go unfinished, but caught up in the autosave. During my Live Journal phase, I became paranoid when friends whom I didn't tell I was blogging brought up subjects I wrote about. Certainly when I become eloquent enough to transcend my woes into the finest of writing, the zero readers here will be the first to know.

They are kicking me out of the cafe...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Don't look here for the latest. Allison Stewart started this blog for her upcoming NPR show around the time she left MSNBC. I knew she was doing a show on NPR, but my brain seemed to go on its own time when it came to follow through. Now I have a whole pile of wondrous stuff to read. I just skimmed it, and am certain I will like the whole multi-media project.

I am X'd out for the first time. Joost only works with Intel based Macs. And so it starts, my sad no-money decline into cometary obscurity.

Last year I was offered ten dollars a photo, plus set up bonus etc, to blog on a web site that will remain anonymous. It sells ring tones and includes standard web comunity crap. This was a delicate situation that called for hedging of the bets. The offer was too good to be true, yet too hard to pass up. After two months of taking what I had dubbed "ten dollar photos" and talking almost daily to my company insider, whose husband worked for the company, I had amassed about 130 photos. The disorganized company was not checking the quality of the blogs and when it came tally day for the wave of people who had joined the program at the same time as myself, they saw what people were doing and freaked. One woman had about 800 photos. She had included all the bad shots, multiple angles, and just plain duplicates on an average of 2-6 extra photos per cohearant photo. They started sending out notices saying people's content was not up to par and they would not pay for the work, and the shit hit the fan. At this time, those joining in the first wave had already been paid once. I never got a notice, but my inside contact did. They ended up paying me 1500 dollars, and paying her for 300 photos total in three blogs she'd made. The company moved to better offices and my contact's husband even went to the European city head quarters on business. When he returned his vacation to a music festival, he'd found that they'd fired him. Turns out he had VP status and they did not want to continue to pay him what he is worth. Appearantly he slept for a week after they let him go, the stress was so great as before they fired him, they tried to drive him out. I was addicted to being paid to blog annd researched doing more of the same elsewhere. The day I recieved my check, JMK left his job. My inside contact, as I was calling her before, seems to have a number of things in common, not just the glazed over look after digesting the first seven facts in a tech lecture by our SOs and a keen sense of how to deflect tacky items dragged home by the afore mentioned respective SOs.

Enough rambling.

I am trying to write a short post about the movie "Tierny Gearon: the Mother Project" on a message board, and can't remember the names of any of the movies of the same sort of artist examines disfunctional family directly genre. I can remember "Tarnation" and "My Father the Architect" the latter's title can't be found anywhere, though I distinctly remember watching such a movie. Theres another one about a super-cheap father, hmmm.

Daily trips to a cafe and coffee are getting me working on projects again, but also too hot on the late night fixations on finishing too much when sleep would help. Getting ready to go to a cafe to get coffee, without coffee, may prove to be too hard to do with a quickness. It is a long painful process, like art, but with more peeing, I guess. Unless you are andre surrano. what? ya, its 5am. Ya, uh, right... ok.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I doubt there is a full hour between 2:00 and 3:00 am. Tonight I thought about going to bed at 2:00 am at about 1:59. I then glanced at the clock, 2:40 am.

I am collecting kudos on Flickr for my photos. Sometimes I feel like one of those suckers born every minute. I am constantly reminded that promises made by content stables on the net are only as good until the owner decides to sell and that copyrighted photos are only so to the extent that someone with more money and lawyers can keep at you till you are DOA if they really want the images (its one of the many things discussed often among artists). It appears that Flickr had deleted a post by a photographer complaining her work was stolen, the photo, and subsiquent outpouring of support from the Flickr communities. Many in the Flickr community where I first saw the link, explain to the outraged poster that Flickr is a business, and can't afford to be sued over the accusations in the post and comments. These are people with images on Flickr explaining this, rather mater-of-factly, without any cynicism. I'm going to assume that the removed post means Flickr does not want to get into the whole copyright thing too much. I understand its a business, I mean in the way a place that houses a ton of coppyrighted material would take notice and act like the subject is right up their alley. Who knows, maybe they are gearing up to see if they have a case against the allegedly offending web site. *smirk*

Friday, May 11, 2007

Jmk got a Fon wireless router, 20 bucks with an invite. You can give a portion of your bandwith at home and get bandwidth free from all the other mapped people on the site doing the same. Non members can sign up through stumbling onto your network, pay for your wireless, and you get the money. I am surprised he is into this, it seems like a step in the other direction from free wireless.

Been watching movies with one name titles on sat tv, Rize, Fired.

Too many openings and things this weekend.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Taken on 3am shopping trip. I over spent and screwed up my whole money flow, walking around putting things in the cart like a zombe.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Beauty product crap

That alpha hydroxy crap works. Maybe at first in the way changing products gives better results than long time continuous use, but, it seems to have eaten through a build up of dead skin on my face I was prepared to scrub off with swiss botanical sand blasting scrub. Due to packaging changes I picked up the wrong stuff, well, that and I was shopping at 3 am, but more about that sooner, heh. I know its working cause my face is all tender. That and the next day my face was all oily, meaning pours were unclogged.

Funny photo & blurb.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Just great. I start to like Flickr, and now miscreantsoft may buy Yahoo, who owns Flickr. Gotta check up on those contract laws for companies changing hands. Gotta protect those photos (by putting them on the net, heh).

Allison Stewart is going to NPR and doing some enviornmental docs. Cool, but I miss watching her noon news thing.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I forget things from season to season, year to year, like that I really need to change my scedule to be up early. The evening means too much neighborhood yelling by the window, the kind where you can't tell if its a live argument, the retelling of an argumet, or general conversation. One has to listen to the words, I sometimes think I need to duck. My painting studio is right by the front window. I am easily pulled out of whatever painting trance I muster, in some lower levels of concentration/involvement. Yelling boys pull me out. I feel like I am working directly against the practicality, however marginal, they have going. The news on all day pulls me out. Somehow lately it just reminds me of how futile an exercise painting just may be. The everyman fills all the empty space and the cracks and generally encases me when I move. I cut through as far as I can stretch good graces.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wait, I am talking about which Stewart?

MSNBC's midday news show "The Most", featuring the most popular news and other tid bits most searched online or elsewhere is gone. Off the air, off the scedule, even harder to find on the web site, I believe its gone. Most host Allison Stewart has been filling in for Keith Olbermann the last few days on Countdown, which in my opinion is worth watching.

I have heard Olbermann described as a mix between Edward R Murrow and John Stewart. I suppose that is accurate, as Olbermann is far more succinct, intensely so, in terms of target and amo than Stewart.

At this point of the digression I suppose I should admit that I can't really watch John Stewart on a regular basis. My brain assigns a general attitude of hopelessness to his comedy. His urging the folks at Crossfire towards journalism, and rather brilliantly I might add, among other examples prove this not to be the case, I know. His irony is spot on and quite funny, but when the fun inbetween the spot on irony is poked less judiciously, it feels like a waste of dextarity and time. It has the feel of overall lashing out seen mostly in those with underlying hopeless attitudes who treat everything as cannon fodder in a speech pattern/delivery co-opted by many far less funny and interesting (this means hes good, but I can't deal).

Alison Stewart is between shows, and I blame Imus. He created a situation in which she had to tell both Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton she is African American, launching her into some kind of horrible irony hex that caused her to lose her show. I'm kidding, I selfishly want her away from projects that don't involve me being able to tune in to her delivering the news daily. (Jackson and Sharpton both said there were no black presenters on MSNBC, I imagine a her making several witty comments)
She presents the news with well timed comments that don't distract. Bump some of those day time presenters who seem to be condescendingly saying tisk tisk at much of the news (not the ones who have show titles that involve their names).
Bump some of those Dock Blocks.

Jmk started a running joke we have about MSNBC Dock Blocks, "less grief, more Kieth"

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today was spent hacking away at our painfully cluttered existance. Jmk cleared the floor of his workspace, only to dump popcorn on it. Every hour like clockwork a pile of something over there looses its composition to gravity. Nasty sliding noises, seemingly bone-crushing thumps, and once something metal hit the pole over there. If the accompanying yell is too urgent I think he is injured. I'm no better. I have moved the wood for two projects to where it will be cut, and there it sits. The first warm day catches us too cluttered to open our front door leading to the street without my feeling like a freakish curiocity, and no time to sit in the courtyard. At least theres the celling fan.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Remember hearing that no desk-style talk show host ever made it when the desk was placed on the left side. I can't seem to arrange the blog bits to the seemingly all popular left side. Ukulele no good blog, officially starts now.