Saturday, July 14, 2007

Artists are easy targets, fine, but I get tired of hearing about it. Art is that strange territory between reality and any number of things: that that transcends into the subconscious, the perfect analogy both emotional and cerebral, a clearer explanation, a way in general society uses to work things out, the list goes on. A side effect of getting to this place is a number of behaviors that are not the easiest for society to handle. While living cerebraly in the perspective it takes to make art, we artists do things that may appear to be odd to the rest of society. That said, if you are going to make most of your friends and acquaintances artists, you may consider the constant complaining about overall horrid traits of artists quickly becomes tiresome. The actor who uses the method of living as his character, which then becomes your all time favorite, follows a pattern that is easily observed. Hey pal, we're soaking in it.

No one wants to hear "Stop calling it a fake project, when is the last time anyone paid you thousands of dollars for your 'real' art?". Hearing about how we are such criminals and frauds gets old after a while. I appreciate your opinion that we/I may be of more use to society flipping burgers, but for me to get any work done here, kindly just tell me once and step away.

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