Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May 31st entry on the twitter blog shows steps being taken to keep Twitter running smoothly after so many problems.

I am sleep typing this. I am not commenting.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

T-shirts are for closers.

At the end of this Fast Company interview with the guys who started Twitter, a developer, also friend of the interviewer, asked how he could help with the problems that cause twitter to go down. I thought maybe I am wrong and people in the twitter community are, infact willing to pitch in to help. But then here he is slamming Twitter for, from what I can gather from the interview, an attempt to deliver better service to twitter users. He is calling them unprofessional, asking for credentials, claiming twitter has pulled the wool over his eyes because they have removed part of what he needs to make money using twitter. Before anyone calls me an artsy fartsy anti-business person - he has hitched his money wagon to a side project, an uncertain, unfinished side project that research would maybe have told him would not work perfectly, and is calling them unbusinesslike for doing what it takes to deliver the tweets, which, so far, is the business Twitter. I can see being angry that after working damn hard on nifty programs, sites, and apps that work with Twitter, then finding they can't work because something crucial is removed, but its a side project, so maybe offering to to help would be best instead of business-styled threats. He does have one of those cool "wearing my twitter t-shirt" shirts I want though. T-shirts are for closers.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The other day I was working on what seemed to be the right combination of medium (paper) and beginning of an idea. When I started to realize it was working I quickly put it away and worked on something else. I have done this before, setting up a start for when I am flowing, but this time I'm thinking it was to prolong some feeling of success. Pretty fucked habit. My art will be sitting around in the pub grinning like an idiot.

Want to mention the struggle between the goal of a facial and bodily representation of a figure's psychological makeup, vs a figure that depicts physical deformity is giving way, slowly.

Test post from my phone

Twitter does not seem much like an online community when people threten and demand it be fixed, instead of becomming helpful in some way. When people on my following list do this, I feel like I'm finding out they are accustomed to calling the waitress over by snappong fingers and whistling, like they would for a dog, as I have just sat down to dinner with them. I realize Twitter now must move at the pace of business, as much business is done via twitter. Smart business, of course, reaches for the most effective tools, but, will moving en masse land them with a winning and equilly helpful combonation? I'm thinking death by committee style botch job. Web 2.0 is about being social, from what I gather, and porting friends to places that better suit the user's needs is common. Am I being "backwards" for hoping all of twitter stays together? (I occasionally check in on an old fave irc channel where some know each other so long, [16+ years, most starting out in their 30s], they comfortibly herass at the employer and local police levels). A universial 140 (character) catcher is a 2.0 type of solution it takes me a minute to remember as a solution. It seemed like providers like Twitter were part of the community it cearted, mayb3e only when things are going well.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Iam glad to blog on my phone

But I have to use pico via ssh to anotgher site to do so
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Added a tumbler account for links, cell phone photos tweets as sort of a sketch book. I am confused as to what content goes where as its 7 am and I have been up all night.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year to all!

Xmas and NYE Jeff and I spent here, in the ol' living/working storefront, with terrible colds. During this time, we have run out of: interesting food, mutually accpted tivo programming, energy.

I found myself, in the last few days, wishing I could keep a thought in my head and applauding myself for understanding I don't have insomnia, but a flipped sleep schedule.

There is a numberless equation somewhere in my mind calculating the increments of tired-at-night, directly decreasing my ability to function, and exponentially, and most importantly so, the ability to get it together to go to bed. The numbers are replaced by accidental eye-stabs, the knocking over of things, and completion of random odd tasks. Right, this is definitely where I, as an artist, trap an idea against something, like, for example, exhaustion, or, say, Midwestern sensibilities.

Note its 7 am.