Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Business language lessons, free browser/site based conversational flash card thing. Many languages.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Draft world is nice.

What am I doing with half a dozen entries about making art left as drafts and the blog equivalent of a Live Journal quiz result every other entry? Which FLCL character am I most like? I named this blog with a line from anime hoping it would be obscure to most, a curiosity to some, and an afterthought to all here for the content. It had to be named something. Perfect, and suitably witty was taking too long. To clarify, too long meant more than half a day. I wanted to get started.

I don't really know what broke, or why. I was crushed by the machination of daily life, and began to feel just how much I, as an artist, was gumming up the works. No shift like that occurred as intently I lived as other, as artist, as the engulfing pursuit itself to transform everything into elsewhere, and sifting elsewhere for anything (sometimes any damn thing).

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Photo by Jeff Mickey

"ARTISTS the shocktroopers of gentrification"

Look! Its Tim over at Rivet Head Printing. He has made us t-shirts!

This is a long-time saying of Jmk's he overheard and thought it would make a lovely shirt to advertise his printing company. The shirts are short sleeve t-shirts, (he is actually wearing mine I sliced into a crude tank-dress minutes before leaving for the party, as it was 89 degrees in the October hot sun)
and can be purchased by contacting Tim via the link in my blogroll.

(Artists often move into "run down" areas for the cheap rent, and become the tipping point for upscale types who make everything look like the suburbs and cause the rents to soar, pricing the artists out to move on to the next neighborhood [see: Wicker Park].)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Cute drawing sites. Did i give these already?

Draw across the net with other people, play the drawings like animation and also save them for other people on Open Studio. I think this site has been here for at least 10 years, theres tons of interactive stuff on there. Click everything on open studio, some stuff is sort of hidden.

Give your drawings weight and moving aroundness with MOOVL. I like to make a face or animal with separate components on a background and erase the background so the facial features or animal parts sliiiiide down to the bottom of the screen.

I just looked on the net for more. GE seems to have one theres also Draw Ball, which I could not get to work. On the GE one, you can draw across the net with a friend you invite by IM, or give the URL to continue the drawing, but there is a limited amount of ink provided.