Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Photo by Jeff Mickey

"ARTISTS the shocktroopers of gentrification"

Look! Its Tim over at Rivet Head Printing. He has made us t-shirts!

This is a long-time saying of Jmk's he overheard and thought it would make a lovely shirt to advertise his printing company. The shirts are short sleeve t-shirts, (he is actually wearing mine I sliced into a crude tank-dress minutes before leaving for the party, as it was 89 degrees in the October hot sun)
and can be purchased by contacting Tim via the link in my blogroll.

(Artists often move into "run down" areas for the cheap rent, and become the tipping point for upscale types who make everything look like the suburbs and cause the rents to soar, pricing the artists out to move on to the next neighborhood [see: Wicker Park].)


RivetHead Tim said...

Thats one of the best photos i have ever seen of myself! ha And i hate my photo being taken.. oh ya, that why i giving you a double birdie! Damn i am such a rock star! ha

www.rivethead.tv for all you media needs! (video, silk screening and offset printing!) *wink*

RivetHead Tim said...

Oh ya, i forgot to leave something racist in my last post for you so... I need some shocktroopers to move into my 'hood to get rid of fucking Mexican gang bangers and drug dealers who moved in!

Sorry for forgetting that that nat! ha ==B)

N said...

What a nightmare. Its not funny, especially when you show up at the pig roast and refer to people as "beaner" in front of a Mexican friend. How can you think this is funny or cute??