Friday, June 29, 2007

SIde Project

I am calling it "table top photography", but everyone knows its a disgusting little habit, possibly a step away from dressing ones dogs in costumes and forcing acquaintances to join in cooing compliments with a straight face. How can I ever expect to be taken seriously? I have excuses, something about mindless activity freeing the mind, something about the need to catalogue these odd items for a time when I will not be able to hold on to them. An artist is more easily accepted for heroin use or heavy drinking, I am absolutely certain of this fact. Here are examples of the beginning stages, test photos, while I am building little sets and buying Re-ment and whatever else, these are pretty much practice.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

An account of someone who talked to Spaulding Grey after his accident.
Theres a blogging convention for women here in Chicago this year at Navy Peer. It costs 200 bucks so I won't be going. They did have the good taste to reserve a block of rooms at the W and a hostel. Looks like tons of forums if anyone is interested.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Found on

A guy accused of video taping the police while he was stopped for a traffic violation is being brought up on felony wire tapping charges. Assuming the guy did not mouth off, it was in plain site and he turned it off when asked, like the article reports, the oh shit, that could be me alarm bells are going off in my head. I assume more and more people are also hearing theses alarms, but certainly the if you aren't doing anytihng wrong, you don't have anything to worry about camps is still holding steady.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anime Openings

They are just openings, try them, they can't hurt you, I promise. They are cute, and the music is better than you think.

Boogiepop Phantom
FLCL (ending)
Chromartie High
Gunslinger Girl
Cowboy Bebop
Paranoia Agent
Serial Experiments Lain
Watch the video on
I have been watching the "Pretty intense japanese lesson" videos on youtube.

The Sci Fi channel is showing anime on Mondays, kicking it off yesterday with a Ghost in the shell movie. The series, called ani-monday, does not show up on the search option on their site, and isn't listed on tivo by series name like G4's monkey spanking anime thing was, but it exists, believe me. I realize it started Yesterday, but, if you are getting your information here, you are in big trouble, sorry.

Steam Punk at its finest!
Photo by me
Steam punk at its finest!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Inside out stuffed bears.
I have dicovered that Street Magazine is the best fashion/style magazine for me, just photos of people stopped on the street wearing interesting clothing.
Of course the online photos are just small enough to make you want the magazine, but also feel like you have seen it. Its not like I have completely given up on FRUiTs, but I with he would just offer on the site larger photos that can't be coppied for five bucks a month subscription. I like this jewelry, I suppose its sort of Anthropologie shop. Tattoos like this are not my thing, but this necklace is a cute idea. My favorite local jewler is [WIRED].
The work of hers I have seen in person is far better than that on the site. She has in the past shown some very sleek, modern and powerful pieces.