Sunday, June 1, 2008

T-shirts are for closers.

At the end of this Fast Company interview with the guys who started Twitter, a developer, also friend of the interviewer, asked how he could help with the problems that cause twitter to go down. I thought maybe I am wrong and people in the twitter community are, infact willing to pitch in to help. But then here he is slamming Twitter for, from what I can gather from the interview, an attempt to deliver better service to twitter users. He is calling them unprofessional, asking for credentials, claiming twitter has pulled the wool over his eyes because they have removed part of what he needs to make money using twitter. Before anyone calls me an artsy fartsy anti-business person - he has hitched his money wagon to a side project, an uncertain, unfinished side project that research would maybe have told him would not work perfectly, and is calling them unbusinesslike for doing what it takes to deliver the tweets, which, so far, is the business Twitter. I can see being angry that after working damn hard on nifty programs, sites, and apps that work with Twitter, then finding they can't work because something crucial is removed, but its a side project, so maybe offering to to help would be best instead of business-styled threats. He does have one of those cool "wearing my twitter t-shirt" shirts I want though. T-shirts are for closers.

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