Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wasting time on the net, then not.

Looking at Japanese Color Lesson on you tube, and playing "Match up" and "Slither Link Puzzle", addons to my iGoogle page. "Match up" is just matching up two rows of five dollar words definition wise. I am doing well with this little game, but now am starting to suspect five is some magic number that makes guesses the most educated by process of elimination. "Slither Link Puzzle" is sort of a minimal sedoku (is that even spelled right?) mind sweeper mix.

In the mornings, I have much needed practice conversations with Japanese people on skype who, of course, are about to go to bed. I usually chicken out for speaking Japanese, and one of them often plays keyboard and sings John Denver songs.

In unrelated matters, here is a photo of some Ramen I made and ate.
Pea sprouts, imitation crab, bbq pork, and white onion with beef broth. Pea sprouts are most excellent in soup. All stuff purchased a minute away by car from my house.

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