Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The idea is gone. Having a hard time navigating thoughts through the television drone and Jf's (changed his nickname from jmk to Jf) conversation schedule, which is start whenever and become intense about any subject quickly and for a long time. I am used to long hours alone in the studio. I wish I could get the television down to a drone level in my mind. Television news, Jf's latest choice for background drone, a curious choice knowing Jf, the sound of it snaps my mind to a sort of everyman grid. The sound of it blocks me from getting deep in there where I need to be while painting. I am stuck to a grid of thoughts suitable for pleasant conversation in line at the DMV. I may as well copy the side of a tissue box and try to sell it to large hospitals for their waiting rooms.

That was just a paragraph of the thoughts I have when the tv goes on. The same thoughts so many times i have them in picture form, and no, they would not make a good painting.

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