Thursday, July 5, 2007

Oh, so hung over. Big party involving bbq, watching the neighborhood fireworks on a friend's roof as a steady stream of people stopped in from various parties. Low key relaxation, dancing on the roof and talked art with a few people. Talked with the latest excommunicatee from Pod land whom I had not seen in a while and a non artist who likes artists. I need to talk to more non-artists who love artists, of course also those who put money behind this, partons of the arts. I never really needed this kind of encouragement before, for whatever reason I now find that it is nice.

Someone broke the side window out of our Volvo waggon. I am of course convinced I saw the bozos who did it from the roof. A row of clowns walking along in a straight line with pillow cases and bags filled with what could have been fireworks, but one of them purposefully veered off through an alley, without saying anything to the others. Usually if someone from a group leaves, people say see ya, goodbye. He wasn't going to pee because they did not wait for him. So there. I assumed they were not going to break into our car, as there are more swanky cars parked in front of the bar. That is a hunch, but I am sure they mistook his swag Siemens briefcase for a laptop bag . Jmk agrees.

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