Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Don't look here for the latest. Allison Stewart started this blog for her upcoming NPR show around the time she left MSNBC. I knew she was doing a show on NPR, but my brain seemed to go on its own time when it came to follow through. Now I have a whole pile of wondrous stuff to read. I just skimmed it, and am certain I will like the whole multi-media project.

I am X'd out for the first time. Joost only works with Intel based Macs. And so it starts, my sad no-money decline into cometary obscurity.

Last year I was offered ten dollars a photo, plus set up bonus etc, to blog on a web site that will remain anonymous. It sells ring tones and includes standard web comunity crap. This was a delicate situation that called for hedging of the bets. The offer was too good to be true, yet too hard to pass up. After two months of taking what I had dubbed "ten dollar photos" and talking almost daily to my company insider, whose husband worked for the company, I had amassed about 130 photos. The disorganized company was not checking the quality of the blogs and when it came tally day for the wave of people who had joined the program at the same time as myself, they saw what people were doing and freaked. One woman had about 800 photos. She had included all the bad shots, multiple angles, and just plain duplicates on an average of 2-6 extra photos per cohearant photo. They started sending out notices saying people's content was not up to par and they would not pay for the work, and the shit hit the fan. At this time, those joining in the first wave had already been paid once. I never got a notice, but my inside contact did. They ended up paying me 1500 dollars, and paying her for 300 photos total in three blogs she'd made. The company moved to better offices and my contact's husband even went to the European city head quarters on business. When he returned his vacation to a music festival, he'd found that they'd fired him. Turns out he had VP status and they did not want to continue to pay him what he is worth. Appearantly he slept for a week after they let him go, the stress was so great as before they fired him, they tried to drive him out. I was addicted to being paid to blog annd researched doing more of the same elsewhere. The day I recieved my check, JMK left his job. My inside contact, as I was calling her before, seems to have a number of things in common, not just the glazed over look after digesting the first seven facts in a tech lecture by our SOs and a keen sense of how to deflect tacky items dragged home by the afore mentioned respective SOs.

Enough rambling.

I am trying to write a short post about the movie "Tierny Gearon: the Mother Project" on a message board, and can't remember the names of any of the movies of the same sort of artist examines disfunctional family directly genre. I can remember "Tarnation" and "My Father the Architect" the latter's title can't be found anywhere, though I distinctly remember watching such a movie. Theres another one about a super-cheap father, hmmm.

Daily trips to a cafe and coffee are getting me working on projects again, but also too hot on the late night fixations on finishing too much when sleep would help. Getting ready to go to a cafe to get coffee, without coffee, may prove to be too hard to do with a quickness. It is a long painful process, like art, but with more peeing, I guess. Unless you are andre surrano. what? ya, its 5am. Ya, uh, right... ok.

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