Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wait, I am talking about which Stewart?

MSNBC's midday news show "The Most", featuring the most popular news and other tid bits most searched online or elsewhere is gone. Off the air, off the scedule, even harder to find on the web site, I believe its gone. Most host Allison Stewart has been filling in for Keith Olbermann the last few days on Countdown, which in my opinion is worth watching.

I have heard Olbermann described as a mix between Edward R Murrow and John Stewart. I suppose that is accurate, as Olbermann is far more succinct, intensely so, in terms of target and amo than Stewart.

At this point of the digression I suppose I should admit that I can't really watch John Stewart on a regular basis. My brain assigns a general attitude of hopelessness to his comedy. His urging the folks at Crossfire towards journalism, and rather brilliantly I might add, among other examples prove this not to be the case, I know. His irony is spot on and quite funny, but when the fun inbetween the spot on irony is poked less judiciously, it feels like a waste of dextarity and time. It has the feel of overall lashing out seen mostly in those with underlying hopeless attitudes who treat everything as cannon fodder in a speech pattern/delivery co-opted by many far less funny and interesting (this means hes good, but I can't deal).

Alison Stewart is between shows, and I blame Imus. He created a situation in which she had to tell both Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton she is African American, launching her into some kind of horrible irony hex that caused her to lose her show. I'm kidding, I selfishly want her away from projects that don't involve me being able to tune in to her delivering the news daily. (Jackson and Sharpton both said there were no black presenters on MSNBC, I imagine a her making several witty comments)
She presents the news with well timed comments that don't distract. Bump some of those day time presenters who seem to be condescendingly saying tisk tisk at much of the news (not the ones who have show titles that involve their names).
Bump some of those Dock Blocks.

Jmk started a running joke we have about MSNBC Dock Blocks, "less grief, more Kieth"

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